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Gift Ideas for your toddler

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Choosing a gift for a toddler?

Is your child’s birthday upcoming, and you still haven’t decided of what to get him as a present? Worry no more! We will give you some gift ideas for your toddler that will help you decide on what to get him.

Some people say that you don’t have to get your young children gifts because they will never remember and appreciate it anyway. I disagree with this because it’s not about spoiling your kids, it’s about helping them develop their skills as individuals. To do this, you need to lead them into doing different things that will stimulate their brain and body skills. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I came up with this article that will give you ideas for your toddler that will help boost his skills.

A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER before buying a gift

When buying or choosing toys for your child, you should always consider a few things:


You must always consider the size of the toys. Your child is still too young. Most young kids put everything in their mouth, so toys should be large enough to prevent accidental swallowing.


The materials used in making the toy is also important. It should be unbreakable or it should be strong enough to withstand chewing.

The paint used on the toy should be lead-free.

QUALITY and SAFETY of the gift for your toddler

Toys made of fabric should be washable, labeled as flame resistant or retardant.

When choosing wooden toys, make sure that you check all parts. It shouldn’t have splinters or sharp edges as this can be very harmful and dangerous to your child.

Avoid toys that easily rust. If you are going to buy toys that can rust, ensure that you regularly check it.

Battery operated toys must have proper panels or cases with screws. This is to ensure that your kids cannot play with the battery especially when unattended.

There are so many things that you have to be mindful of as a parent of a young child. Choosing toys that are safe is very important and should on your top priority.

EDUCATIONAL TOYS for your toddler

Educational toys are one of the most popular choices for young kids especially during their formative years. This type of toy is good for brain development. Most parents find this as the most helpful one because it guides their kids to learn the good stuff at an early age.

Examples of educational toys are ones that teach kids how to count, speak, identify colors, or identify animals.

educational books

Learning or story books is also considered under this category.

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Baby Book is an educational and interactive playbook. Kids can touch words on each page to hear animals introduce words with exciting sound effects. The pages are colorful that attracts kids to learn and expand their vocabulary as they touch, learn and play. This toy is also bilingual which includes English and French words.

Lepfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

First 100 Board Book Box Set 3 is a popular choice because it contains three of Roger Priddy’s best-selling small chunky books – First 100 Words, First 100 Animals, and Numbers Colors Shapes. It is ideal for kids and are perfect for building vocabulary and developing speech.

First 100 Board Book Box Set (3 Books) Board book  by Roger Priddy

For kids that are younger than 2 years old, it is advisable for parents to choose cloth books over paper-based. This is good especially when babies start to chew on the pages.

Amycute Crinkle Baby Cloth Books for Babies Toddlers is a nontoxic soft fabric Baby Educational Learning Toy Books for babies that are at least 6 months of age. It is lightweight and portable. It has attractive sounds and ribbons that pressing the cover animal’s head will squeak, the second page and the last page of books have crinkle when touch it and simulate the sound of the split candy paper. Colored ribbons will also attract baby’s curiosity and can hang.

Amycute Crinkle Baby Cloth Book


Physical activity and dexterity toys enhances your child’s motor skills. It is very important for your child to improve this skill as they grow and learn different things around them.

Examples of toys that enhances motor skills are climbing frames, slides, balls, rings, etc.

Galt Toys, First Water Magic – Baby Farm Animals, Kids Colouring Book is a perfect gift for kids at least 18 months old. This toy develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is mess-free for young children so it is perfect not just for kids but also for parents who want to keep the house tidy.

Galt Toys, First Water Magic – Baby Farm Animals, Kids Colouring Book

COSTWAY Kids First Slide, Foldable Baby Playground with Basketball Hoop and Climb Ladder is an indoor or outdoor slide for your active child. This 3-in-1 slide also provides climbing, and basketball shooting experiences. It is ideal not just for boys but also girls because of its neutral colors. This toy is a fun way of promoting your kid’s motor nerve and coordination ability through shooting, picking up the ball, climbing and jumping. It is safe for kids but it is always best to look after your child while playing especially in their early years.

COSTWAY Kids First Slide, Foldable Baby Playground with Basketball Hoop and Climb Ladder

Inflatable Sport Balls Set with Pump for Toddlers is a great gift set for sporty kids. It includes football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, baseball and spike that every child can play with. As parents it is also important to spend time with your young child so playing with him using these toys would be a fun bonding experience. These toys are also non-toxic so it is very safe for your kids to play with.

Inflatable Sport Balls Set with Pump for Toddler

CONSTRUCTION TOYS for your toddler

When deciding about gift ideas for your toddler, think of making playtime fun by giving them construction toys. It is proven to make a difference to how children think and complete tasks. Construction play also enhances motor, problem solving, and creativity skills. It provides understanding of how pieces fit together and develops critical thinking.

Playlearn Life Size Foam Construction Building Blocks Toy would definitely encourage your child to play because of its realistic size and shape. Have fun and realistic playing with these soft bricks with your child with additional tools to go along with it.

HOMCOM 12 Piece Soft Play Foam Blocks is a fun foam activity set. This is ideal for in-home learning which creates endless fun for your little one. This 12-set soft play toy allows your child to expand his mind and growing body by lifting, stacking, carrying and rearranging the blocks which also stimulate imaginative playtime.

HOMCOM 12 Piece Soft Play Foam Blocks

Jaques of London Geometric Stacking Toys | Wooden Toys is a perfect gift to your little one as it comes in a gift box so you don’t even have to wrap it up. This Geometric Shape Stacking Toy features brightly colored shapes which can be matched and stacked onto wooden rods. Kids Shape Sorters are great for helping your child reach their developmental milestones. This developmental Toy for Toddlers will help to encourage color and shape recognition. Its also made from wood from sustainable sources and Water based paint so it is safe for young children to play with.

Jaques of London Geometric Stacking Toys | Wooden Toys

CREATIVE TOYS for your toddler

One of the best gift ideas for your toddler is a creative toy. Creative play helps toddlers develop emotionally, physically, mentally and socially. These toys promote skills such as problem-solving, redefining space and materials, communication with others involved in their play and negotiating skills to enable their creative vision.

3 in 1 Play equipment set includes Ring Toss with Soft Cones, Bean Bags for Throwing, Puzzle Game Pack. This toy encourages imagination & motor skills and is perfect for entertainment not just for kids but also the adults. It is convenient and compact, which makes it easy to stack together. It is colorful, which is very attractive to kids to play with.

3 in 1 Play equipment set

Pull Back Car, Inertia Monster Truck Toy Cars are double sided friction powered vehicles. Inertia car only needs to be pushed gently( no battery needed), it will continue to move forward. Pull back car toy with 4 shockproof spring that make the driving smoother even on uneven roads. The different colors can stimulate toddlers’ color recognition and imagination with this eye-catching. What’s more, they can feel the inertia when playing the car, stimulate their interest to learn, explore and think during use. It’s an amazing push and go car for kids so they’ll enjoy and have fun to drive as they want. Accompanied by parents, it can also promote interaction between parents and children.

Pull Back Car, Inertia Monster Truck Toy Cars

Magnetic Building Blocks is a creative educational toy for both boys and girls. This magnetic toy set helps children develop problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, cognitive abilities as well as creativity, critical thinking, and brain development. Perfect for use at home, in schools, daycare etc. Great birthday gift for kids, the best magnet toys and educational toys on the market.

Infinitoo 109 pcs Magnetic Building Blocks

There’s a whole lot of fun toys out in the market that every parent can choose from when thinking about gift ideas for your toddler. Which ever it is that you decide to get for your precious child, always remember to check the safeness of the toy. Do not compromise the quality over price. It doesn’t have to be expensive, I agree but safety is always the priority. Choose wisely.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Gift Ideas for Your Toddler. If you want to see more and hear more from us, do not forget to subscribe!


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