Your Mumma here is named Aicee(I see.) I am a full-time housewife and a mother of a little man who is soon going to be a big brother to our princess, so yes we’ll be a family of four this year! As someone who is just at home, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. (And this, blogging, is my way of staying away from it, lol.) I am a foodie and I also enjoy making and cooking recipes for my family. I owned a food business locally and as an entrepreneur-at-heart I love to find different ways and things that would earn me money, so I’d like to share them to other women who spends most of the time at home looking after their family. From food recipes, to crafts and online gigs ~ go name it, I probably have tried it.

I created this page with the aim to share not only my family journey, but also some tips, ideas, and hacks to pool like-minded mums together and share experiences and stories to one another. I’m no expert here just so we are clear, I’m just a regular mom who wants to connect to women through my tiny online corner, so I hope you hang around! xoxo